Generation Kenya

GenerationKenya is a project which will document outstanding contributions by a nominated selection of Kenyans, profiling Kenyan success, talent and generosity. The goal is to provide role models for young people by featuring stories of challenge and achievement.

“Leadership and expertise is something we Kenyans need to think deeply and seriously about,” said Project Director Dr Wambui Mwangi, who conceived the project with fine art photographer Jerry Riley. “Never before has it seemed so urgent to document a Kenya we can be proud of. A Kenya of hope. A Kenya of achievement,” she added.

GenerationKenya plans to profile, in fine art photographic portraits and superbly written text, the lives and accomplishments of Kenyans born since 1963 – the year of Independence.

“Those of us for whom our parents’ ethnic prejudices and dislikes seemed impenetrable, archaic – this is GenerationKenya. We who today fall in love with, and fight with, and plan with, and work with other Kenyans, – this too is GenerationKenya,” explained Dr Mwangi.

A nation-wide hunt using print, broadcast media and the internet, aims to shortlist a series of outstanding Kenyans; and a panel of judges will select the finalists, in a series of categories covering arts and entertainment, environment, and conservation, business, information technology, media and communications, science, human rights and governance, sports, social justice, gender equality, architecture and planning.

“The project will showcase our achievements, our aspirations, our struggles, our challenges: and, always, our triumphs. It is about our stories: told by our images: seen by ourselves,” said Dr Wambui Mwangi. “It is We Kenyans: for us, by us.”

A website showcasing the portraits and biographies will broadcast the project to a worldwide audience. A set of resulting images and biographies will be donated the the National Archives as a snapshot of Kenya during this period of the country’s history.”

“We believe that those of us born since 1963, those of us born into the independent republic of Kenya, have shared destiny, a collective promise, To that extent, GenerationKenya proposes to celebrate the achievements of those who wear the badge of “Kenyan” proudly, and who in turn have made us proud. Through this we will show the benefits of this Kenyan-ness -whilst encouraging a showcasing of our diversity.”

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