Praise Poem – Stephen Derwent Partington

We praise the man who, though he held the match between his finger and his thumb, beheld the terror of its tiny drop of phosphorous, its brown and globoid smoothness like a charred and tiny skull and so returned it to its box. So too, we hail the youth who, though he took his panga […]

Vuma Kenya

Vuma Kenya is an events inspired initiative based on mobilizing citizens globally to create awareness and spread the message that together we can make changes. Founded by Harvard medical student Karimi Gituma, Vuma focuses on bringing people in the “diaspora” together with different charity organisations trying to reach a grassroots level in Kenya. She […]

UZIMA Foundation

UZIMA Foundation was registered in Kenya in 1995 as a charitable trust and is now also a registered NGO to work in Kenya, Africa and beyond. UZIMA Foundation recognizes and appreciates the potential and assets inherent in young people; among them innovative spirit, enthusiasm, energy, openness, fair play, courage and optimism. UZIMA Foundation’s mission is […]

Kibera Women for Peace and Fairness

Contact: Ms. Jane Anyango Tel: +(254) 722 437 620 Email: Kibera Women for Peace and Fairness was formed in response to the outbreak of post-election violence in Kenya in January 2008, and the wide-spread destruction of homes and businesses in the Kibera neighbourhoods. Kibera was one of the hardest-hit areas by the violence in […]

Peace Net is an initiative under the Electoral Violence Response Initiative (EVRI-1) How did EVRI-1 (every-one) start? Following the outbreak of violence in Kenya on December 29th 2007, members of the Partnership for peace, hosted by PeaceNet convened and initiated an Electoral Violence Response Initiative (EVRI), consisting of civil society organizations (Maendeleo ya Wanawake, PEACENET TRUST, […]

Concerned Citizens for Peace

The concerned citizens for peace initiative came into being on January 1, 2008 after violence erupted in Kenya following claims of rigging and a flawed election process in the country. The original five core members- who included Kenyan peace mediators and members of the civil society- started the group in order to rally for peace […]

Concerned Kenyan Writers

Concerned Kenyan Writers is a coalition whose purpose is to use writing skills to help save Kenya in this polarised time. Contact person: Binyavanga Wainaina thebinj (@) Administration: Daudi Were daudi.were (@) Website: Concerned Kenyan Writers The Concerned Kenyan Writers coalition, convened by Kwani founder Binyavanga Wainaina, is supported by various individuals and […]