Soliloquy of a Typical Nairobian Snob


By H. I. Hussein Is this what my life has come to? Boarding beat matatus and brushing shoulders with filthy hawkers? A KAS for God’s sake-that must have been from a decade ago! No, this isn’t me. I am a cool, suave and intelligent undergraduate-and I don’t understand why these stupid employers can’t sift class […]

The Gentlemen’s Club


By Clifton Anthony Gashagua They come here everyday like stray dogs leaving the comfort of their kennels at home to play in the cul-de-sac. Tole is the oldest. A retired soldier with a mind like an imaginarium, he claims to have met Queen Victoria and fought in the East African Campaign against von Lettow-Vorbeck’s forces. […]

The Mysterious Visitor


Story By Beth Nduta The whole setting was silent, though the shop was opened and I could peep out to see whatever was happening, I still could not bring myself to go out. The two men-one dressed in a white shirt and hands akimbo and the other in a faded jacket, and red shirt with […]