September 2009, Nairobi I am at the Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital in Loresho with my friend and fellow photographer, Sir Mohinder Dhillon. Sir Dhillon (known as Mo to his friends) has started a personal campaign to raise money for the hospital, having benefited from the hospital himself. He has asked me along to make photos, […]

An update from the GenerationKenya team


As we are now well in to 2009, we have had inquiries about progress at GenerationKenya. Many nominations from around the country were received, and we thank you for your support. At the present time we are unable to move forward due to funding shortages and continue to hold the nominations in safe-keeping until we […]

Rock Quarry


Rock quarry near Kikuyu, Central Province, Kenya, August 2008. Working without safety gear or power tools, it’s a hard job, but I was taken by the texture and colour, and the young man posing for me with that Kenyan smile.


Shop near Kikuyu, Central Province, Kenya. August 2008. The Safaricom colour is part of the Kenyan landscape. That was my first attraction as the late afternoon light bathed the building. I also saw the building as a microcosm, containing many interesting details of Kenyan life.

Eric Wainaina


” …Unadamu mkononi na asali mdomoni Matendo yako ni maovu matamshi yako ni matamu Nimeomba haujadhamini nimeiimba hausikii Nimebishabisha nimeitana na mlango haufungui …” There is blood on your fingers honey flows from your tongue As you conceal the boundaries stones While am not looking you stab me in the back with my own spear […]

The Other Church

By Peter Chepkonga On December 27th 2007, Pastor Robert Birgen, of African Inland Church, Chepsiria, stood patiently in line at the Kapkuis Primary school polling station in Kuinet, a few kilometres north of Eldoret town. When he reached the polling booth he saw Mzee Kamenya, an old Kikuyu neighbour of his since the early 90s, […]

AIC Kijabe Mission Hospital – Replenishing Life & Hope to All


Driving down the escarpment on the Nakuru-Nairobi highway past Limuru, the road opened up to the great escarpment view point. Curio shops eager for tourist stopovers are set up by the cliff displaying bright coloured kikoys all set against the substantial drop of the valley with Mt Longonot at the horizon. Specks of iron sheet […]

On location

Pumwani Bar, Majengo, Nairobi, Nairobi Province, July 2008 On location with Judy Kibinge and her film crew in Pumwani Bar in the heart of Majengo for a fun bar scene (10pm).


Three Wheels, Ngong Road, Nairobi, Nairobi Province, July 2008 A Saturday afternoon Storymoja performance and discussion.

Mildred Awiti


Super Model. Role Model. Businesswoman. Civic Leader. Corporate Executive.