Mohinder S. Dhillon – Kenyan photographer

Mohinder Dhillon (Founder and CEO of Africapix Media Ltd.) has been in photography since 1953 under the business name of Halle Studios and in 1961 formed Africapix, shooting both stills and TV pictures. Mohinder’s still pictures have been circulated round the world to newspapers and magazines especially prestigious European magazines like Quick, Stern, Paris Match etc.

Mohinder loves nature and in particular shooting wildlife with very wide panoramic shots and would disappear into the bush with his family for weeks. These pictures have been used in calendars, picture books and magazines. As a TV news cameraman Mohinder has roamed round the world always carrying his Leica stills camera round his neck to capture some rare shots. He was the first photo and TV journalist to capture the plight of Iranian Kurds behind Khomeini’s lines and his extraordinary first pictures shocked the world generating a lot for sympathy of Kurdish sufferance.

(editor’s note: For this photo essay I have chosen pictures of Mohinder in the field as an appreciation of the hard work involved in collecting stories, especially prior to the digital age.)

Mohinder S. Dhillon

Mohinder S. Dhillon

Mohinder S. Dhillon

Mohinder S. Dhillon

Mohinder S. Dhillon

Mohinder S. Dhillon

Mohinder S. Dhillon

Mohinder S. Dhillon

Additional reporting by Nick Ysenberg


  1. Dr.Sat Ramrakha says:

    Known Sir Mo Dhillon for five decades. He has been too humble and modest to share his achievements and fame with his friends. Thanks Jerry for ‘exposing him to the world’.

  2. Harbinder Sareen says:

    We are extremely proud to be related to Sir Mohiner S Dhillon. He is one of the finest persons in the world. He as excellent an individual as he is an excellent professional.

    We thank GOD to shower his blessings to get the recognition of his achievements.


  3. Genghis says:

    Thank God for people like Mo Dhillon who together with Mo Amin have brought so much change to this world especially with regards to human suffering. You are an inspiration to me and hopefully i will one day became a great photojornalist like the two Mo’s. Blessings.

  4. Avtar S. Matharu says:

    Have known Mohinder from my school days (late ’40s) when he took up photography with a Kodek Brownie box camera, rising to a prominent international press cameraman. He has brought many important historical events to the world attention through the power of his lens; needless to say that some of them were undertaken with little or no consideration of his own safety. Mohinder has always taken lime light and adversity with equanimity. In his successfull life he did not loose sight of consideration and compassion for others, a quality he has shared with his father, who was a prominent Kenya pioneer.

  5. i think it is beatifull that men go to great lengths to bring us sights of worlds so far from us so that we can all appreciate the human desire, inbiult will and strength to survive under the most deplorable conditions. i say goodos to Mo’ for bringing far away closer to home.

  6. I have neen meeting with Mo during the last two weeks in connection with writing a book on Ugandan Asians. I found he and Mo Amin covered most of the events in Idi Amin’s reign over Uganda. He’s everything everyone has said above – a gentleman, with the accent on gentle, humble and kind. He showed me a draft of his autobiography. I think it’ll move some people.

  7. sadaqat khan says:

    I met him in the late 80’s early 90’s when I worked in Nairobi, and have common family friends. A fascinating, thoroughly polite and gentle man,to a fault, immensely modest about his achievements, and what a collection of stories and adventures he had. I would really look forward to reading his autobiography.

  8. My name is as mention above. Photography is my ppassion, I really love your work and appreciate greatly. I usually use my phone to take some photos of really eye catching sites and scenaries and portraites. My friends really do love what i do with my phone camera though i havent taken any class for photography.
    What can i do to impove my passion to become a great photographer?

  9. Dr. Poonamjeet Hundal says:

    I have known Mr. Mohinder Dhillon for 7 years now and we have developed a special relationship though we are not related to eachother in anyway.Theres something special about him,those positive energies that each of his word contains, its heavenly.
    I wish him a long healthy life and lots of happiness…
    And summer 2011 we have a special surprise for him!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Dr. Jindi Dhillon says:

    Having recently returned from Nairobi where Mo is near the finishing line of his biography.Having handed the filming camera to his son Sam who has very ably stepped in his dad`s shoes Mo still loves to hang his still`s camera round his neck and has taught me and my friends the art of taking those exellent shots. Having been to those places like the` hot` crator in Aden[yemen] without wearing protective shields or bullet proof vests, Mo wants Sam to be proud of his dad and to remember the image that he was not a frightened being.
    Like many others I cannot wait to see my only surviving gentle brother`s passionately written Book displayed in the bookshops very soon.


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