Loreto Convent Valley Road

Loreto Convert Valley Road - By Jerry Riley

Nairobi, Nairobi Province, Kenya April 2008.

Loreto Convent Valley Road


  1. Gloria Tanui says:

    I was a student at the primary section( 1998-2006)(Loreto Convent Valley Road Nairobi)and I’d like to thank all the teachers there I enjoyed my primary school years thank you I’ll always be grateful.THANK YOU!!!!

  2. Betty Guchu says:

    That picture brings back memories of a lovely, very innocent time. I did my “O” levels there in 1977. Thank you Mother Philip whereever you may be and to Mrs KB too, I speak fluent French now!!!

  3. Edith Bosire says:

    Talk about memories!!!….i remember coming back from swimming training and passing by those steps (we weren’t allowed to go up…that was the chapel and noise was frowned upon in that vicinity). Yes those were innocent times……for the most part……..times that formed the basis of many many other experiences…..nice pic Jerry…its amazing what a simple picture can do to the archived files in ones memory bank!!

  4. Pauline Nagila says:

    Remember Sister Cannis, Sister Redempta (yes, the one who had high heels!) I was a primary school student between 1976 – 1982 (Mrs Gomez taught me in std.1, and I had Mrs de Souza in std.2…..thanks to her ruler technique I have always got my spelling right…lol)

  5. Great memories there…those were the steps I used to walk up and down every Friday when goin either for Tennis or Squash or Piano or to the Chapel….great school and very dedicated staff.
    Oh…great photo:-)

  6. My name is kefiloe makoae. A female from lesotho. My father was a High commissioner in kenya and I studied at Lorreto convent (LCVR), my old school that I so cherished, I did my primary from 1969 to 1971.

    I used to be in a red house group and played Hockey and Tennis for the school. My class teacher was Mrs Clay. My other teachers were mother Carmel, Mr Naik, Mrs Cardoso, and Mrs Hopkins. I can’t remember who my hockey, tennis, music and ballet and french teachers were. Could someone who studied at this school during these years please remind meet me who they were and let know at treatydee@hotmail.com whether they are still alive. I would be so grateful if they still would be, even though we are miles apart.

    I remember my old school colleagues, whom some of them could be married by now and changed surnames. I remember Sharon Monsherry(Seychelles), Betty Wamalwa(kenya), Patiricia Awori,(Ghana), Kim Thorpe(Britain), Rasvinder Mandla(india) Valeria Rocco(Britain) Maha Tawfik(Egypt), Anastacia Muteshi(Kenya) and many others. Girls, we need to get in touch, please contact me at this above e-mail address.

    I am now a journalist and work for a government owened radio and television station and travel a lot. we may happen to meet sometime as I travel.

    I remembe these steps so well as I walked into the Chapel, and at the end of the chapel building, I would turn to the left, walk some few feet more, climb up the stairs and reach my classroom.

    My greatest thanks to everyone at the school. I am what I am today because of this beautiful school, though my french is very poor. instead, I speak fluent spanish now.

    Please put more pictures for the school so we can get a clear picture. When I saw this portion of the school, I went so crazy, and shouted, this is it!!!!!!! this is it!!!!, and indeed it is it.

    OH!!! PLEASE GET IN TOUCH WITH ME. I would like to be updated on the school. I am so excited that I don’t know what to say or do……………….. LONG LIVE LCVR.

  7. Irene Ndonye says:

    Awesome pics! I have fond memories of this place. My 3 sisters and I all went to LCVR from Std 1 till form 4. I remember many of the teachers: Mrs Gomez in std one (until she broke her leg and Mrs Kaya took over); Mrs Vanderlan in Std 2, Mrs Nyagah in Std 3, Mrs Mugeni in std 4 etc. Played piano, and tennis. Oh, and I remember swimming training with Mrs Raburu. Great school!!! I wish they had a website!

  8. Diana Mills says:

    Please could you let me have the phone number or email address of Sr Elizabeth White in Karen? I am soon to visit Nairobi and want to make contact quickly. I am writing to her but would like to speek to her also. Thank you, sincerely,
    Diana Mills.

  9. debbie urquhart cannon says:

    What a beautiful photograph – I loved LCVR and was there from 1972 to 77. Such wonderful memories of happy, innocent times. I remember Sister Peter Claver and Mother Carmel, being hockey goalie for the 2nd xi and Art with Tovey (who bred alsations). I miss those days, and Kenya.

  10. Susanne Breiter says:

    Hi there,

    was also in LCVR until I left for Germany. Saw that Irene had written a comment and would like to get intouch, cause we were best friends. Pls get in touch.

    LCVR was a great school! Taught me a lot for life!!


  11. Great memories!

  12. What a great school. I was there until i left for the UK. I remembe Mrs Kaya, she took me for Standard 1, I was in 1Red. Then I had Mrs Kayoola. I had so much fun there having swimming, tennis, piano and ballet lessins.

  13. Mariana Ndonye says:

    I loved LCVR I was there for 12 years and the pic brings back memories. Susanne B I saw your comment and would love to touch base with you.

  14. Mariana Ndonye says:

    Susanne you can email me at ndonyem@bellsouth.net

  15. mona nkirote says:

    LCVR for life! i went to the primary school (1991-1999) and i was in 1red too with Mrs. Kaya (lovely lady). RIP Mrs. Muriithi (3 red).. I remember goin to the chapel every thursday..the memories..and learning tennis with Tosh..

  16. LCVR holds a lot of memories for me. Was there for years!!!! I miss it and the teachers who helped make me who I am today.

  17. Patricia Mukiri says:

    Oh my goodness seeing this picture brings back the fondest memories!Was here for 12years! Long live LCVR indeed!

  18. Eva Gichuki says:

    LCVR…all i wanna know is why Sr. Edel took sooooooo long to give me my leaving certificate. And oh, who can forget Bi Macharia (BiMa) with all her ngeli’s hahahha M-WA hahahahha.

  19. polly W Ndambiri says:

    i am a lcvr student standard 6 blue 2009. I love my school and all of you who have passed through our school. our headmistress is mrs. njuki and our deputy headmistress is mrs baraza.(brilliant people). if you would want to ask anything about our school,just ask me on cel phone number 0717100552.

  20. Mutheu Kivuvani says:

    When I saw this picture I almost cried! I loved Loreto Convent, class of 1978. So many memories. Allison Cardozo are you out there? You were my best friend at LCVR. Emily Matano, are you out there? Mary Houghton, I love you! Please get in touch if you can. This picture brings such sweet memories of a time gone and innocennce of youth. I remember Sister Philiips, God bless her soul! I now reside in the U.S.A. Hope I can connect with some old friends.

  21. Kathleen Gichogah says:

    Lovely picture which brings back good childhood memories. Thanks to all my teachers you tansformed me to a strong woman who has achieved more than I ever dreamed of. Attended primary school 1993 – 1990. Would like to keep in touch with anyone who remembers me.

  22. brenda kenyeru says:

    a memories in loreto were always great i remember my friends jennifer,samantha,shirley.they were always fun to talk to and play with i will never forget L.C.V.R, my friends and the teachers until the day i die.

  23. rekha punshi( nee-mathur) says:

    i was in loreto convent valley road from 1964 to 1969, my teachers were mother theresa gertrude, mother carmel and friends were anita dosaj ,silvana lo guidice, paula fernandes,and joy rodrigues,, any one having info on their whereabouts pl tell me mother carmel was an abs darling helping me with tennis !!

  24. Dear Sir/Madame,
    As the french language is getting learned in kenya by more and more students and schools,a new french language book just got published in france for basic french language beginner,i call upon you/meeting to have a look of the new published french book for beginners,primary schools etc..well explained in english with french pronunciation words and sentences.
    Please keep intouch if its possible to take a meeting between mondays and thursdays with french teachers in your school or school principle.
    Best regards,

  25. Rosemary Gichuki says:

    LCVR was my springboard to life.

    From the happy, cheeky,adeventurous & educative moments in the school I SALUTE my teachers and classmates for making it all happen.

    Great school and I would recommend it to all

  26. i like lcvr my school

  27. Jeremy Kinyua says:

    Was a “family school”, my sister 12 yrs my cousin’s 12yrs, the girls were fine looking, could not wait for KBS to stop at community and entertain my eys, and their “twengs” and “petho” on the KBS? can’t touch that? Lovely school. I hope the school flay is still being hoisted high.

  28. I was there this year in july 2010. I was with a group of 13 people and with father Riny. I will don’t forget this day. There was a girl Nicole and she says ”please come back”. And I will come back, maybe next year in 2011. I want to visit your school and specially Nicole. I also remember Natasja. Asante sana for this day.

    God bless you


  29. Hola, te deseo muchos éxitos en tu retorno a las pistas de tennis.
    Espero poder disfrutar de tu juego en el tour ATP del 2010.

  30. Some might already be in it and want to progress to the next level or new business venture or you are wondering will you ever find your ideal career and purpose in life

  31. i miss the good friends i made there twas a fab school

  32. Catherine akinyi says:

    I studied there from the years 1997-2000, at lower primary. I remember Mrs Kaya,in standard 1 and Mrs Kayiwa but i cant remember the rest of my teacher, i was in the red group through out until class 4.i was lookin to movin to upper primary to class 5 bt unfortunately i re located to england. i miss all my friends and i have been tryna find them on facebook. so if enyone was in lower primary between 1997-2000 in the r group plz holla at me.

  33. I think there is a job or career out there for everyone to love if they only searched or could see it.

    Some might already be in it and want to progress to the next level or new business venture or you are wondering will you ever find your ideal career and purpose in life…?

  34. Susan Kimiti says:

    Memories are made of this………..I miss LCVR. I went to Primary 1977-1983.
    Where are you girls???

  35. Suki Natasha Masege says:

    The first time I saw LCVR I fell in love with it and wanted to be in there by all means!!! I thought that the 4 (short) years that I was there passed so fast (2005-2008). (Now I can say that, though when I was there I wanted them to move fast, fast, fast) Fantastic memories. So proud of my Alma Mater. Wouldn’t hesitate to take my kids there. My best friend was and still is Dottie Omino. LCVR moulded me into the successful woman I am slowly becoming. God bless the teachers and the sisters.

  36. On february 1st 2010 i came 2 lcvr in form 1 n just said dat dis is da place i want 2 be in my high skul years!!! n RUBEN,do u rememba me,i was da gal who cme late da day u cme,nicole was my deskmate! We rili want u 2 cum bck,it was fun hvn u here even 4 da shrt period o tym!! L.C.V.R is da bomb,i lurv dis skul,n all da frnds i made here,including Grace Anne,Angela Senaji,Nicole,Joy,hilda,Rahima e.t.c.lurvd da class of 2010(frm 1)!! I also play basketball n i also used 2 play tennis n it is dopest!! Thnks 2 coach joe i nw knw how 2 dribble and shoot n mke a basket!!! If u need mre info bout dis skul just email me!! Sumeya aka clown o da class :)

  37. I would like to know more about Loreto High School – Kiambu. My niece got admission to join form 1 next month. Do they have a website?

  38. Esther Thea says:

    Good good good times. Sweet memories

  39. Wanja Muguku says:

    Made me what I am today…. forever grateful for the guidance and formation by the nun from Ireland.

  40. Margaret Butt (nee Kibui) says:

    Hey Rekha, I remember you. We were in the same class (1966-69). I remember Anita, and Joy who came from the same primary school I did (Catholic Parochial). I saw some of the nuns years after because my daughter ended up at Msongari. Mother Teresina (then mother superior ended up at Msongari too). Apart from Eileen Sutherland (now Hughes), and Lydia Muchene (now Waiyaki) – who I socialized with a bit in the 80’s I have not seen any of the old loreto girls from the mid 1960’s. Hope some of them will post a comment here.
    On another note, that photo brings back such memories. those stairs by the Chapel were off limits in the 1960’s and the door was never open except maybe on Sundays. We used the other entrance by the office where Mrs. Cardozo the secretary used to sit. How I miss those good old school days!

  41. Judith Ndonye says:

    Oh that photo brings back memories! LCVR was my life for 12 yrs. 1981 to 1992. Thanks to all my Teachers for helping shape my life. I cherish the friendship of classmates most of whom I still keep in touch with to date. LCVR rocked!

  42. Anne Williams says:

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone remembers Christine and Anne Hickey.
    Chris was in form 5 or 6 and I was in standard 2 when we left Africa in 1965 to settle in Australia.
    My best friend at the time was Jeanette Greenly (John Greenly’s daughter of East African Rally fame) whom I am trying to track down.
    Also my family and I are visiting Nairobi in September- October and want to visit LCVR but after 4 emails and no reply am getting anxious.
    The phone numbers on website are for skype and with that I’m also unsuccessful. Can anyone help me with the phone number to the office.
    Would love to hear from anyone who remembers us. It would more likely to be Chris that anyone may remember as she was 16, but I was only 8 when we left.
    Much thanks,
    Anne Williams (nee Hickey)

  43. Anne Williams says:

    Oh forgot to mention my web address:


  44. Jackie Othoro says:

    Those infamous stairs…Behind which the dreaded labs lay…manned by Mr. Naik and Mrs. Carneiro. I remember so clearly my first day January 1975 – Standard 1. I lost my way and found myself in the form two class in the midst of giants….and that began my 11 wonderful years in that school. We were the first to go into the new lower primary classes and the swimming pool was opened then. I remember Mrs Saunders in Std two who made us repeat words over and over until we got our pronunciations right…no r, l’s for her. Does anyone still have their plaster of Paris statuette we made in her class? I still have mine…Dumbo minus his trunk :-) I have such fond memories of my school years. God’s blessings to all our school teachers who are still alive and RIP those who have gone before…Mrs Patel, Sister Candice, Sr, Maureen…

  45. Funke Ogunyemi says:

    I was a student at Loreto Convent between 1978 and 1981. Wonderful years…Some of my friends and classmates were…Patricia Maingi, Jennifer Mwaura, Doris Odongo, Nicole Bresson, Elizabeth Muchai, Lillian Patel, Audrey Gontier, Loretta D’Souza, Rosemary Mosha..where are you all? How are you all? I also remember Mr. Naik (Physics), Mrs Kithinji (Cookery), Macbeth and Julius Caesar….Piano lessons and tennis…lots of tennis….and ping-pong in the hallway upstairs…

  46. What nostalgia! The many assemblies in that narrow corridor between the high school and elementary school and a couple of steps down to the left, the grassy recess area for the high school and further down, the tennis courts where I trained for hours on end always under the watchful eye of sister Pauline, a woman ahead of her times who often took to the road in the VW Combi driving us to tournaments around the country. Yes, LCVR represents a lifetime of memories…

  47. My! my! my! I didnt expect to find this treasure, but then again, its the internet. I loved, loved, loved my short years at LCVR. The best school I ever attended. They were all good.
    Funke, I must have been in your class because I remember the two Patricia’s Kemoli and Maingi, Nichole Bresson, Lillian Patel, Audrey Gontier, Loretta D’Souza, the other Rosemary, I am the Rosemary form Uganda, if anyone remembers me. I remember Sarah Buxton, Helen the great swimmer. Playing tennis. Oh! my! These are the memries that bring a smile on your face during periods of turbulance in life.
    I would love to connect with anyone. My email is Rosmabuza@aol.com
    I would love to visit Kemya angain and the school in particular.

  48. ahhh memories ….. mother Phillipe, and sister Pauline.. and so many others… the teachers .. mrs Greenfield coaching tennis, the cake and candy stalls…. Pretty school and then the pool across the street…. the tennis courts and the piano room! :) Some of the best days of my life! Love you LCVR

  49. Funke , did you also attend Kilimani Primary School? If you are the same Funke, I would love to re-connect with you! My email address is achieng_aduro@hotmail.com.

  50. Funke nee Ogunyemi says:

    In case anyone who knows me wants to reach out, my email address is funke.tijani@gmail.com

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