Loreto Convent Valley Road

Loreto Convert Valley Road - By Jerry Riley

Nairobi, Nairobi Province, Kenya April 2008.

Loreto Convent Valley Road


  1. linda Perrins says:

    Am old Loreto girl from 1952-1959
    Valley Road has left me with lovely memories.
    would love to hear from any one who may remember me.
    special Patricia Richards. ( tricia).

    Heard from Mother Philip up to her death. RIP.

  2. tina_mattocks@hotmail.com says:

    Hello, it has been lovely reading all of these comments. I loved the school and was there 1956/1957. In my class there was Anthea Hood (her mother was a teacher), Sylvia Burgess and Florence Wells who went off to Germany. Another teacher was a Mrs Macewan and had children Penny and Christopher there. The nuns I can remember were Mother Theresa, Mother Thomas and Mother John who was quite fierce. Anybody remember these names?

  3. tina_mattocks@hotmail.com says:

    Forgot to say I was Christina White when there.

  4. tina_mattocks@hotmail.com says:

    Linda are you on Facebook? I have a photo of the school choir on there.

  5. linda Perrins says:

    Thank you Tina for getting intouch, I don’t think we were in the same class together but, we might have played netball or just played, on one of the terraces.
    I remember the nuns specialy Mth. John. luckly I did’nt have her for teacher. if I remember correctly Mrs Macewans daughter Penny was very good at writting, and I think she has become a writer. Do you remember the show (pantomines) we had. and Yes It was a lovely school, only wish my daughters and granchildren had the same luck. schools are so differant today.

  6. tina mattocks says:

    Hi Linda, yes Mother John! I hated tapioca pudding. I always remember one day I was kept back in the dining hall along with several others by her and made to eat it. Mother Thomas was lovely and there was a very old nun who took us for Catechism ( might be spelled incorrectly). I was friends with Matita Glasborrow – do you remember her? Her mother worked for the BBC in Nairobi. Do you know where Penny is? They were also in Klagenfurt when we were there. (parents in the army).

    From there I went to the Beehive School in Nanyuki. That was very dfferent but a fantastic school. I too wish they were like that these days.

  7. Miles Ballaam says:

    Can anybody direct me to the Loreto Convent Alumni ? My mother (imogen Fitzpatrick) who would have attended LC in the late 1930’s early 40’s has just passed away and I would like to register her passing to any of those left who knew her.

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