Loreto Convent Valley Road

Loreto Convert Valley Road - By Jerry Riley

Nairobi, Nairobi Province, Kenya April 2008.

Loreto Convent Valley Road


  1. linda Perrins says:

    Am old Loreto girl from 1952-1959
    Valley Road has left me with lovely memories.
    would love to hear from any one who may remember me.
    special Patricia Richards. ( tricia).

    Heard from Mother Philip up to her death. RIP.

  2. tina_mattocks@hotmail.com says:

    Hello, it has been lovely reading all of these comments. I loved the school and was there 1956/1957. In my class there was Anthea Hood (her mother was a teacher), Sylvia Burgess and Florence Wells who went off to Germany. Another teacher was a Mrs Macewan and had children Penny and Christopher there. The nuns I can remember were Mother Theresa, Mother Thomas and Mother John who was quite fierce. Anybody remember these names?

  3. tina_mattocks@hotmail.com says:

    Forgot to say I was Christina White when there.

  4. tina_mattocks@hotmail.com says:

    Linda are you on Facebook? I have a photo of the school choir on there.

  5. linda Perrins says:

    Thank you Tina for getting intouch, I don’t think we were in the same class together but, we might have played netball or just played, on one of the terraces.
    I remember the nuns specialy Mth. John. luckly I did’nt have her for teacher. if I remember correctly Mrs Macewans daughter Penny was very good at writting, and I think she has become a writer. Do you remember the show (pantomines) we had. and Yes It was a lovely school, only wish my daughters and granchildren had the same luck. schools are so differant today.

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