GenKen – 2010


It is now 2010, and GenerationKenya is preparing to hit the road, collecting portraits and biographies of Kenyans, chosen by Kenyans. We will be telling you about your fellow Kenyans, stories of challenge and success, overcoming obstacles, fulfilling their dreams. It will be a new story of Kenya. As always, we wish to thank all […]

An update from the GenerationKenya team


As we are now well in to 2009, we have had inquiries about progress at GenerationKenya. Many nominations from around the country were received, and we thank you for your support. At the present time we are unable to move forward due to funding shortages and continue to hold the nominations in safe-keeping until we […]

Nominate and Win

Be a winner just by nominating your Kenyan Hero! A chance for you to win 2 nights at Aberdare Safari Hotels (one night in Outspan & one night in Treetops Hotel) full board just by casting your nomination. There will be a draw at the close of nominations and two lucky nominators will win a […]

Nominate Today

GenerationKenya is providing an opportunity for Kenyans to start up a national conversation about our lives, our values, the people we admire, and the qualities of our leaders. It is time for us to re-think ourselves and this initiative provides a nation-wide chance to do just that. If there is a progressive future for this […]

Position Filled. Generation Kenya Internship

Update: This position is now filled. Thank you for your interest.

What is Generation Kenya?

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What is GenerationKenya? Generation Kenya is a project which will document outstanding contributions by a nominated selection of Kenyans, profiling Kenyan success, talent and generosity. The goal is to provide role models for young people by featuring stories of challenge and achievement. “Leadership and expertise is something we Kenyans need to think deeply and seriously […]