Denis Nzioka – A Man Of The People

Denis Nzioka by Jerry Riley

As the debate about sexuality and sexual rights in Kenya heats up, one personality is taking the discussion a step further as he vies for the country’s top position in the 2012 General election. Denis Nzioka is the PR and Media Communications officer for Gay Kenya as well as an avid blogger, writer and social […]

Rachael Mutindi Maithya: Fashion Designer

Rachel Mutindi Maithya by Jerry Riley

In a country that is fast developing an obsession with the idea of celebrity, Rachael Mutindi Maithya has set her heart on making a product that epitomises homegrown talent. Using the kanga, long known as a traditional type of dress amongst women in East and Central Africa, she has built a fashion brand that has […]

Rogers Otieno – The Main Act


The film credits list him as Angry Man. An apt description, because as the scene erupts into a frenzy of activity through narrow slum corridors he is the man you see, his apparent wrath blazing in his eyes, clear above the irate mob. The film is the award winning ‘Soul Boy‘; the actor Rogers Otieno. […]

Su Kahumbu-Stephanou – Friend to Mother Earth


‘Passion’ would not be an unlikely suggestion as an additional title for Su Kahumbu-Stephanou. She lives it on the five-acre farm that is her home in Karen, half an hour’s drive from Nairobi’s CBD.  Passion is what drives Su in her work as a social entrepreneur and in her life as an organic farmer.  It’s […]

Kamau Gachigi – The Engineer


Dr. Kamau Gachigi’s desk is littered with little objects that light up, bounce away or chirp loudly when you touch them, but rather than a scene from Animal Planet this is the Nairobi FabLab base on the ground floor of the University of Nairobi’s Department of Mechanical Engineering. Dr. Gachigi is the Chairman and Coordinator […]

Winnie Guchu’s Formula: Focus, Discipline and Determination Equals Success

Winnie Guchu by Jerry Riley

Winnie Guchu radiates the kind of inspiration that makes one feel energised enough to wrestle all manner of challenges to the ground. Without bias or exaggeration, she is an influential person with big ideas. This attribute arises from two things: her personal experiences, which she shares with a tangible sense of honesty, and her ability […]

Gilda Odera – Truly a Kenyan Star


The noise level is rising in Kasarani Gymnasium at the Moi International Sports Center. Almost 3000 school children and their teachers are filling the stadium for the Kiwi Arts and Crafts Competition awards ceremony, the competition attracting entries from all over Kenya. The arts and crafts project is run by Gilda Odera, a GenerationKenya nominee. […]

AIC Kijabe Mission Hospital – Replenishing Life & Hope to All


Driving down the escarpment on the Nakuru-Nairobi highway past Limuru, the road opened up to the great escarpment view point. Curio shops eager for tourist stopovers are set up by the cliff displaying bright coloured kikoys all set against the substantial drop of the valley with Mt Longonot at the horizon. Specks of iron sheet […]

Mohinder S. Dhillon – Kenyan photographer

Mohinder Dhillon (Founder and CEO of Africapix Media Ltd.) has been in photography since 1953 under the business name of Halle Studios and in 1961 formed Africapix, shooting both stills and TV pictures. Mohinder’s still pictures have been circulated round the world to newspapers and magazines especially prestigious European magazines like Quick, Stern, Paris Match […]

Anselm Croze: Glassmaker and Dream Merchant


Anselm Croze presides over an enchanted kingdom: the hot glass division of Kitengela Glassworks. At Kitengela, Anselm combines his passion for the environment with his passion for glass art; he places his art in his environment with the same creative joy with which he weaves the environment into his art. Many Kenyan homes have some […]