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One of the primary jobs of photography is to document everyday life for reference in the future, and the photograph’s ability to recall memories, some buried under a lifetime of experiences, is one of its true powers. We all remember a time in our lives when school was our world. I had come to be […]

Mohinder S. Dhillon – Kenyan photographer

Mohinder Dhillon (Founder and CEO of Africapix Media Ltd.) has been in photography since 1953 under the business name of Halle Studios and in 1961 formed Africapix, shooting both stills and TV pictures. Mohinder’s still pictures have been circulated round the world to newspapers and magazines especially prestigious European magazines like Quick, Stern, Paris Match […]

Painting With Light: Capturing The Faces Of Post-Independence Kenya

Photography is an intimate art. At some level, photographers must capture the souls of their subjects on film. This often requires a level of empathy and intuition besides a love of the art itself. From 1963 till his death in 1989, my father, Kulwant Singh Warah, popularly known as Mr. Singh of Studio One, was […]