Eric Wainaina


” …Unadamu mkononi na asali mdomoni Matendo yako ni maovu matamshi yako ni matamu Nimeomba haujadhamini nimeiimba hausikii Nimebishabisha nimeitana na mlango haufungui …” There is blood on your fingers honey flows from your tongue As you conceal the boundaries stones While am not looking you stab me in the back with my own spear […]

Anselm Croze: Glassmaker and Dream Merchant


Anselm Croze presides over an enchanted kingdom: the hot glass division of Kitengela Glassworks. At Kitengela, Anselm combines his passion for the environment with his passion for glass art; he places his art in his environment with the same creative joy with which he weaves the environment into his art. Many Kenyan homes have some […]

Manu Chandaria: Excellence – Made in Kenya


Dr. Manu Chandaria is a year short of celebrating his 80th birthday. If we are to work with stereotypical behaviour, we would expect that by now he would have taken a back seat from his vast business and philanthropy interests. Yet, his pace has yet to slacken, and he puts in as much time he […]

Paul Tergat


World Champion Record Breaking Athlete and Philanthropist

Dekha Ibrahim Abdi



Yashvin Shretta



Mugo Kibati: Forward Into Excellence


Mugo Kibati sits in the office of East African Cables’ Group Chief Executive Officer, and looks like a modern-day young Alexander, always moving forwards searching for new worlds to conquer. It is not the office itself that gives this impression, it is sparsely furnished and restrained and about a quarter of the normal size of […]

Mildred Awiti


Super Model. Role Model. Businesswoman. Civic Leader. Corporate Executive.