Kawangware market

Kawangware market by Jerry Riley

September 2011, Kawangware, Nairobi, Kenya Kawangware market

Shopping in Eastleigh

Shopping in Eastleigh by Jerry Riley

February 2010, Eastleigh, Nairobi, Kenya Shopping in Eastleigh, the main street a busy place for vendors and a variety of pedestrians.



September 2009, Galu Beach, Diani, Coast Province Early morning departure of fishermen, Galu Beach, Diani

Fishing Boat


September 2009, Galu Beach, Diani, Coast Province, Kenya Fishing boat resting on the water

On The Guitar


October 2009. Nairobi, Nairobi Province, Kenya On the guitar at the Hip Hop at Marshall House, Goethe Urban Beats concert.

Hip Hop Crowd


October 2009. Nairobi, Nairobi Province, Kenya. Hip Hop at Marshall House, Goethe Urban Beats concert.


September 2009, Nairobi I am at the Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital in Loresho with my friend and fellow photographer, Sir Mohinder Dhillon. Sir Dhillon (known as Mo to his friends) has started a personal campaign to raise money for the hospital, having benefited from the hospital himself. He has asked me along to make photos, […]

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One of the primary jobs of photography is to document everyday life for reference in the future, and the photograph’s ability to recall memories, some buried under a lifetime of experiences, is one of its true powers. We all remember a time in our lives when school was our world. I had come to be […]

Rock Quarry


Rock quarry near Kikuyu, Central Province, Kenya, August 2008. Working without safety gear or power tools, it’s a hard job, but I was taken by the texture and colour, and the young man posing for me with that Kenyan smile.

On the train


August 2008 I drove out of Nairobi in the darkness of early morning to catch the commuter train into Nairobi station, boarding somewhere just outside of Kikuyu as the day was dawning. Trains are fascinating unto themselves, but thousands of people depend on it daily to get into Nairobi for work and return home to […]